Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne

‘A classy new edition of a story with enduring appeal. Made me want to go round the world again.’
Michael Palin

Although we live in an age when round-the-world travel is possible in hours rather than weeks, Jules Verne’s tale of a race against the clock has never lost it’s power to thrill. Set in 1872, Mr Phileas Fogg, a gentleman of precision and predictability, and his manservant, the ever resourceful Passepartout, ride through India, sail the South China Sea and cross the American Wild West in order to fulfil a wager that the journey cam be completed in just 80 days.

An evocation of an era when all travel was an adventure, this timeless classic is rich with detail that has engaged the imagination of Robert Ingpen.

70 full colour illustrations
224 pages
13 language editions world wide