This chronological list indicates:
Published Books by Robert Ingpen – the book title, the nature of the collaboration with the respective writer, publisher and country of first publication.
Art and Design Commissions by Robert Ingpen including Mural Paintings, Tapestries, Sculptures and Communication Design.


Pioneers of Wool, written and illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).

Pioneer Settlement in Australia, written and illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).

Storm Boy, with Colin Thiele (Rigby, Adelaide).

Robe – A Portrait of the Past, written and illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).
Western Portrait, designed and illustrated (Victorian Government Ministry for Conservation).

The Runaway Punt, with Michael Page (Rigby, Adelaide).
Surprise and Enterprise (50 years of CSIRO), designed and illustrated, written by Andrew McKay (CSIRO, Canberra).

The Commercial Fish of Australia, illustrated (Department of Primary Industry, Canberra)

Paradise and Beyond (Tasmania), with Nick Evers (Rigby, Adelaide).
Lincoln’s Place, with Colin Thiele (Rigby, Adelaide).

Australian Gnomes, written and illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).
River Murray Mary, with Colin Thiele (Rigby, Adelaide).
Marking Time – Australia’s Abandoned Buildings, written and illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).

Turning Points in the Making of Australia, with Michael Page (Rigby,Adelaide).
The Voyage of The Poppykettle, written and illustrated (Rigby,Adelaide).

Australia’s Heritage Watch, written and Illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).
The Unchosen Land, written and illustrated (Rigby, Adelaide).
Night of the Muttonbirds, with Mary Small (Methuen, Sydney).

Aussie Battlers, with Michael Page (Rigby,Adelaide).
Australian Inventions and Innovations, with students of The Geelong College (Rigby,Adelaide).
Clancy of the Overflow, poem by A.B.Paterson, introduction and illustrations (Rigby,Adelaide).

Lifetimes – Beginnings and Endings, with Bryan Mellonie (Hill of Content, Melbourne).

Click go the shears, a traditional Australian Song, Introduction and illustrations (William Collins, Sydney).
The Great Bullocky Race, with Michael Page (Hill of Content, Melbourne).

Religious Worlds, with Max Charlesworth (Hill of Content, Melbourne).
Colonial South Australia, with Michael Page (J.M.Dent,Melbourne).

The Encyclopaedia of Things That Never Were, with Michael Page (Rigby, Adelaide).
The Idle Bear, written and illustrated (Lothian,Melbourne).

Conservation, with Margaret Dunkle (Hill of Content, Melbourne).
Folk Tales and Fables of the World, with Barbara Hayes (David Bateman, Auckland)- republished in 2007.
The Stolen White Elephant, Mark Twain (Scholastic, Sydney).
The Making of Australians, with Michael Page (J.M.Dent, Melbourne).

The Nargan and the Stars, with Patricia Wrightson (Hutchinson, Melbourne).
Worldly Dogs, with Michael Page (Lothian, Melbourne).
The Age of Acorns, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne).
A Christmas Tree and The Child’s Story, Charles Dickens (Scholastic, Sydney).
A Strange Expedition, Mark Twain (Scholastic, Sydney).

The Great Deeds of Superheroes, Maurice Saxby (Millenium, Sydney).
Peacetimes, with Katherine Scholes (Hill of Content, Melbourne).

The Great Deeds of Heroic Women, with Maurice Saxby (Millenium, Sydney).
The Encyclopaedia of Mysterious Places, with Philip Wilkinson (Dragon’s World, London).

Encyclopaedia of World Events, with Philip Wilkinson (Dragon’s World, London).

Ragazzi Felici (Celebrating International Rights for Children), with Elisabeth Stockli (Pro Juventute/unicef).
Treasure Island, Robert. L. Stevenson (Dragon’s World, London).

Encyclopaedia of Ideas That Changed the World, with Philip Wilkinson (Dragon’s World, London).
River Through the Ages, with Philip Steele (Eagle Books, London).

A Celebration of Customs and Rituals, with Philip Wilkinson (Dragon’s World, London).

The Dreamkeeper, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne) – later edition in 2006 by Minedition, Hong Kong).

The Afternoon Treehouse, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne and Pavilion, London).

The Drover’s Boy, a song by Ted Egan (Lothian Melbourne).
Jacob, The Boy from Nuremburg, with Ejnar Agertoft (Agertoft Verlag, Denmark).

Fabulous Places of Myth, with Michael Cave (Lothian, Melbourne).

Great Name Series – Scott of the Antarctic, Captain Cook, Marco Polo, Xuan Zang, design and illustration (Grimm Press, Taiwan).
Once Upon a Place, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne).
Around The World in Eighty Days, Jules Verne (Arena Verlag, Germany, and Pavilion, London).
The Poppykettle Papers, with Michael Lawrence (Pavilion, London).

Great Names Series – Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Chief Seattle, design and illustration (Grimm Press, Taiwan).
Hans Christian Andersen, with Villy Sorenson (Agertoft Verlag, Denmark).
A Bear Tale, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne).
Who is the World For? with Tom Pow (Walker Books, London).

Shakespeare – His Work and His World, with Michael Rosen (Walker Books, London).
Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe (Grimm Press, Taiwan).

Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi (Grimm Press, Taiwan).
Halloween Circus, with Charise Neugebauer (North South Books, Zurich – Michael Neugebauer).

The Wizards Book of Spells, with Beatrice Phillpotts (Palazzo Editions, Bath).
The Magic Crystal, with Brigitte Weninger (Minedition, Hong Kong).
Broken Beaks, with Nathaniel Lachenmeyer (Michelle Andersen, Melbourne).

The Rare Bear, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne).
In the Wake of the Mary Celeste, with Gary Crew (Lothian, Melbourne).
The Tapestry Story, Documenting the 150 years of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with Keith Dunstan (Lothian, Melbourne).
Peter Pan and Wendy, J.M.Barrie (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
Pictures Telling Stories (The art of Robert Ingpen), with Sarah Cox (Minedition /Lothian).

Dickens – His Work and His World, with Michael Rosen (Walker Books, London).
Treasure Island, Robert. L.Stevenson (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
The Ugly Duckling, H.C.Andersen (Minedition, Hong Kong).
The Voyage of The Poppykettle, written and illustrated, with some new illustrations (Minedition, Hong Kong).

Silent Night, Holy Night, with Werner Thuswalder (Minedition, Hong Kong).
Mustara, with Rosanne Hawke (Lothian, Melbourne).
Imprints of Generations, written and illustrated (Lothian, Melbourne).
The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).

The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
Ziba Came on a Boat, with Liz Lofthouse (Penguin/Viking, Melbourne).

The Boy from Bowral (The story of Don Bradman), written and illustrated (Palazzo Editions, Bath).
A Christmas Carol (with A Christmas Tree), Charles Dickens (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
If you Wish, with Kate Westerlund (Minedition, Hong Kong).

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain (Palazzo Editions, Bath).
The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett (Palazzo Editions, Bath).
The Night Before Christmas, Clement C. Moore (Palazzo Editions, Bath).

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).

Around the World in Eighty Days, Jules Verne (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
The Owl and the Pussycat (and other rhymes), Edward Lear (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).

Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
Looking for Clancy, written and illustrated (National Library of Australia, Canberra).

The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
Tea and Sugar Christmas, with Jane Jolly (National Library of Australia).

Alice Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).

The Nutcracker, E.T.A. Hoffmann (Produced by Palazzo Editions, Bath).
Radio Rescue, with Jane Jolly (National Library of Australia).
Wonderlands The Illustration Art of Robert Ingpen (National Library of Australia).

In the Marginal World, written by Robert Ingpen to accompany an exhibition at Salt Contemporary Art Gallery Queenscliff Australia.

The Magic Bookcase, written and illustrated (Minedition, Hong Kong) Co-editions in German and Chinese. With mural foldout.

Once Upon a Time of the Poppykettle, written and illustrated (Produced by Adams Print, Geelong).
Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe (Produced by Welbeck, London).
Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift (Produced by Welbeck, London).


‘The Nuclear Era’, 6m x 2.5m (now demolished), Geelong College – painted as final year art assignment.

‘The Coffee Society, Ninos Cafe’, 8m x 3m (now demolished) – commissioned when an art student, Ninos Cafe, Chapel Street, Melbourne.

‘The Land Research Mural’, fresco secco, 8m x 3m (restored and Heritage Listed) at entrance to csiro Division of Land Research, Black Mountain, Canberra.

‘Clunies Ross Memorial Mural’, Science House, Melbourne (100 square feet on timber pieces, now relocated to Geelong) – commissioned by the Australian Veterinary Association.

‘The Geelong City Mural’, Geelong City Hall, egg tempera on panels, 6m x 2.5m.

‘The Conservation Mural’, (egg tempera on four panels) – commissioned by Victorian Government for the entrance to The Rylah Institute for Environmental Research.


‘The Geelong Wool Mural’, egg tempera on three 2m x3m panels – commissioned by Bank of Australasia and relocated to The National Wool Museum, Geelong.

‘The Geelong Water Mural’, egg tempera on board, 8m x 3m on 5 panels – commissioned by The Geelong Water Trust for the entrance of their of offices.

‘The Computer Mural’, egg tempera on board – commissioned by ACI Computer Division, Melbourne.

‘Jupiters Mural’, egg tempera on panels, 4m x 6m – commissioned by architects, Buchan Laird, for the entrance to Conrad Hilton/Jupiters Casino, Broadbeach, Queensland.

‘The Magic Bookcase’, egg tempera on seven panels, 900mm x 1200mm – donated by Robert Ingpen to the National Library of Australia under the Cultural Arts Program of Australia. This large mural depicts a bookcase without any books, the shelves are filled with characters from classical stories who, are borrowed from the pages of books where they traditionally belong.



‘The Melbourne Cricket Ground History’, 7m x2m, woven in wool by the Australian Tapestry Workshop, South Melbourne – commissioned by MCC to celebrate 150 years of the ground and hangs in the entry hall to the Long Room.


‘Children’s Games Tapestry’, 6.5m x 3m, woven in wool by the Australian Tapestry Workshop – commissioned by Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne as a memorial to Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, and hangs in the atrium of the new hospital, Parkville, Victoria.



‘The Poppykettle Fountain’, lost wax bronze caste by Bucek Family, Moolap, Geelong, now demolished commissioned by the McAlister Family, Geelong and originally located on the Geelong foreshore to Corio Bay.

‘The Dromkeen Medal’, The Magic key of Dromkeen was designed and caste in lost wax bronze – commissioned by the Dromkeen Literature Foundation, and presented annually for achievement in Australia in children’s literature (now is displayed at The State Library of Victoria).


‘The Bronze Doors’ Members Entrance to the Melbourne Cricket Ground,
seven doors, 2.7m x 1.05 m with bronze panels, at various sizes – commissioned by the MCG to mark the 150 years of the Melbourne Cricket Club. (Now re-located to the entry hall near the Long Room in the Members Stand.)



CSIRO Agricultural Liaison Section. Based with head of office, East Melbourne. Graphic design and illustration interpreting and communicating the research of rural scientists.

Representation of relations in biotic systems’, with G.L.Kesteven. (Proceedings of the Ecological Society of Australia, vol.1, 79-83).

Development and planning of The Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement, for Victorian Government.

‘Cook Bicentenary’ Postage Stamps.

Communication consultant to FAO/UNDP, based in Mexico for various periods to advise on communication within the fishing industry.

Communication consultant to FAO/UNDP, based in Lima, Peru to advise on communication for the management of the Anchovy Fishery.

Northern Territory Coat of Arms and flag design Commissioned by The Northern Territory Australia for the Self Government, 30 June,1978.

Concept design for the Zoological Park, Werribee, Victoria – commissioned by the Zoological Board of Victoria.

Consultant to The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, for planning conservation strategy and zones.

Consultant to the Geelong Regional Commission, for the concept and planning of The National Wool Centre, to become in 1988, The Geelong Wool Museum.

Designed the ‘Resources for Life’, a poster series to communicate the Australian National Conservation Strategy.